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Christie Dental has been serving people in Waterford and the Southeast since 1983. Dr Christie, returning from England in 1983 took over Dr Heffernan’s (R.I.P) practice in New Ross and set about establishing a high quality and personal dental care service. He opened a practice in O’Connell Street, Waterford in 1989 and has been providing his unique brand of personal dental care to the people of Waterford and the Southeast since then. He moved premises to the present address at 3, Neptune House, Canada Street in Waterford City in 2009.

Since then, he hosted Smiles Dental at the premises, where he provided Specialist services in Gum Treatment, Implants and Orthodontic Aligner treatments across many of the Smiles Clinics in the Southeast and in Dublin. When Smiles left in 2020, Dr.Christie once again took over control of the dental practice and continues to lead the clinic providing excellence in general dental care as well as the specialist services for which he has become well known.

Dr. Christie’s areas of special interest in dental care are wide and varied but he insists that these aspects should not be separate but part of integrated care. As a Master of Human Cognitive Behavioural Theory, he has created an approach to care which is based on the person, rather than the mouth. As he says ‘The mouth is part of the head and the head part of the body and the body part of a family and community which provides a person’s experience of life.’ These aspects cannot be divorced from each other without losing the real person. This new direction is essential in healthcare.

Dr. Christie calls this a Whole Person Approach and has written and taught extensively on the topic. The result has been a real and personal connection between him and his patients which is appreciated by those who experience it. This approach gives power back to the people in their dental and general health and often will lead to the resolution of longstanding dental problems. His particular skills are many and varied and include

  1. Dealing with Dental Anxiety and Patient Fear – One of the few practitioners with a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address human fear and Anxiety
  2. Prevention of Dental Disease
  3. Gum Disease and its Management
  4. Providing Dental Implants
  5. Problems with Jaw Joints often called TMJ issues
  6. Management of stress related dental issues (clenching and grinding, known as bruxism)
  7. Improving appearance with modern techniques

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