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At Christie Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy and attractive smile. Having teeth straightened and properly aligned plays an important role in this regard. Dr. Philip Christie is an experienced and highly qualified Waterford based periodontist with almost 40 years experience in the field of dentistry. As a patient at Christie Dental, you can be assured of only the very highest quality professional orthodontic alignment.

The Benefits of Having Teeth Straightened

1. Improved Oral Health:
Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain, which means there is a reduced risk of possible tooth decay and gum disease. This leads to better overall oral health and lessens the possible need for costly dental procedures down the road.

2. Increased Confidence:

Having your teeth straightened can give you a more attractive and symmetrical smile. This can boost your self-confidence and help you feel better about your overall appearance

3. Better Functionality:

Straight teeth help with proper bite and jaw alignment, reducing the strain on your jaw muscles and reducing the risk of problems like TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder

4. Aesthetically Pleasing:

A well-aligned, symmetrical smile is often viewed as an attractive feature. It can also help boost the patient’s self-esteem and confidence

Orthodontic Waterford Treatment Options

When it comes to teeth straightening, our orthodontic practitioner will normally use either high quality clear aligners or braces. 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are really popular these days because they offer a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth. In fact, clear aligners have become our number one patient choice in recent years. These aligners are made of a clear, plastic material custom made to fit your teeth, and work by gently aligning your teeth into position over a period of time. 

Fixed Dental Braces

In addition to clear aligners, we also provide a braces option. Braces have also undergone significant advancements in recent years. We use systems which are smaller and more comfortable to wear in the mouth than the older traditional braces types used in the past, and they also tend to require fewer adjustments. These newer type braces exert a lot less pressure on the teeth and gums, which in turn, results in fewer required appointments for adjustments. When it comes to teeth straightening our number one goal is always to attain the best possible results for our patients in the Waterford practice. Dr. Philip Christie and his team ensure that each patient receives personal attention and the highest level of care. We understand that every patient is unique and that their treatment should be tailored to their individual needs. In addition to offering the latest and most advanced orthodontic treatments, we also place a strong emphasis on patient education. We always take the time to explain teeth straightening options and processes at the outset and answer any questions or concerns that our patients may have. This ensures that our patients can make informed decisions about their treatment.

Teeth straightening treatments are not just for cosmetic purposes but for functional and health reasons as well. There are different teeth straightening options available to you, so it’s important to consult with our dentist to find the best option for your individual needs.


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