Emergency Dentist Waterford Prescription Service

Are you experiencing dental pain?

Do you need urgent medication to help alleviate the pain whilst you await an appointment with your dentist? If so, we can help you with our emergency dental prescription service. With our emergency service, we will send a prescription to your local pharmacy once your provide us with the necessary details via our easy to complete online form below.

The cost of this service is €50.

Christie Dental is now providing an Emergency Dentist Waterford Prescription Service.

Simply complete the form below with your details to book your emergency dental assessment from the comfort of your own home! Based on the information you provide, a prescription will be sent to your local chemist for collection by you. The objective of this service is to get you the medication you need as quickly as possible in order to relieve your immediate pain and discomfort.

 Cost: €50

What is the Emergency Dentist Prescription Service?

  • We gather as much information as possible via our booking form below from you. This will provide us with important information regarding the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing.
  • From the information you provide, we prescribe appropriate medication to treat the pain and/or infection
  • We email the prescription to your local chemist
  • The prescription is filled and is available for collection by you from your local pharmacy

Complete the Emergency Dental Prescription Service Form Below

Cost: €50


As is the case with any prescribed medication, if you experience any unusual, unwanted effects or side effect, stop taking the medication immediately and contact your dentist or doctor for advice

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