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When is a Dental Crown Used?

In situations where teeth are badly broken or damaged perhaps as a result of an accident or maybe as a result of decay, it’s not always possible to restore teeth using common methods such as fillings. In cases like these, we consider crowns to be the best option available to us. What your dentist will do is fit a crown over what remains of the patient’s damaged tooth. This crown will not only restore the tooth but also protect the patient’s tooth against any possible further decay.

If what remains of the tooth is not substantial enough to support a crown, the dentist will offer the patient the option to have structural restoration work done first often called a core build up to create a support for the fitting of the crown.

Dental Crown Procedure

At Christie Dental Waterford, we use many materials and designs to restore, repair and strengthen extensively damaged teeth. As we use only the best materials, we are able to create a dental crown that looks and functions just like your natural tooth. You can be confident that your restored tooth will be almost indistinguishable from your own natural teeth. We can also match the color of your new crown very closely to the existing colour of your natural teeth, making it virtually unnoticeable that you have had dental work done.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Crowns are not only functional, but they can also serve as a cosmetic way to enhance your smile and give you the confidence you deserve. Lately we have been using composite bonding procedures to create crown restorations which are lifelike and durable at about half the cost of traditional laboratory made crowns. Ask Dr Philip Christie about this option at your next visit.


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