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What Is A Dental Bridge And When Is It Used?

If you have a missing tooth or perhaps more than one, a dental bridge can be fitted to the gap with one or more artificial teeth. Dental bridges are one of the most functional and natural-looking prosthetic teeth solutions available today. They can be made from many materials but often these days are made from zirconia which is a more durable form of porcelain. Bridges are anchored on two or more crowns on either side of the existing missing tooth gap. Bridges can be customized to match your individual tooth arrangement. The colour and texture of the bridge tooth can also be matched to reflect your own teeth as closely as possible to create a perfectly natural look and fit. Dental bridges are relatively popular as a tooth replacement solution, which is specifically designed to match a patient’s tooth structure and to create a durable, long-lasting solution.

Why Choose A Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth are often due to dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease or possibly from a sustained injury. It is important to understand that a dental bridge solution requires healthy teeth on both sides of the gap(s).

When a tooth is missing, the teeth around it can shift up or down. Your opposite teeth could also move in the same direction by moving to fill in the empty space. This can lead to issues such as:

Stress Pain
Experiencing pain derived from the additional stress caused by the missing tooth on both your teeth and jaw. On a psychological level, a missing tooth can reduce your confidence level by triggering feelings of self-consciousness about your appearance and your smile.

Bite Problems
This occurs where the top and bottom teeth do not align together properly. This type of bite misalignment condition is, in dental terms, referred to as an ‘occlusion’.

Chewing Difficulties
Having just a single missing tooth can cause eating to be difficult. Dry brittle textured foods go into the spaces where the tooth used to be resulting in scratched gums or even pain.

Dental Bridge Treatment Service Waterford

Have you lost a tooth as a result of an accident or possibly due to tooth decay? Looking for a solution to restore your dental health, smile and confidence? Christie Dental have decades of experience in treating patients providing them with expertly fitted high quality dental bridge solutions.


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