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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable artificial teeth designed to replace missing teeth. They are used to restore the appearance of your smile whilst also attempting to restore the function of the missing teeth. Dentures are generally made of acrylic which is the least expensive but cast metals like cobalt/chrome or titanium can also be used and are superior appliances. They are designed to comfortably fit around your gums and remaining teeth. Dentures can be full or complete where there are no remaining teeth or partial where some natural teeth remain, and they may be used to replace either upper or lower teeth or both.

Primary Benefits of Dentures

  • More Affordable: Dentures typically are far less expensive than the cost of dental implants, crowns or bridges
  • Easy Cleaning: Dentures only require a daily soaking and brushing
  • Natural Looking: Dentures can be made to look completely natural looking so no one can tell you are wearing them.
  • Cheek and Lips Support: Dentures give support to your cheeks and lips, which, in turn, can contribute to a more youthful appearance.
  • No Surgery Needed: Dentures can be put in place relatively easily unlike dental implants which, of course, do involve a surgical procedure.

Disadvantages of Dentures

Possible Occasional Discomfort:
Because dentures are temporary removable structures, they can occasionally cause minor gum discomfort should they shift or move slightly in the mouth. However, as dentures are removed whilst sleeping, there is ample time for your gums to recover overnight should this occur.

Replacement Requirement:
Over time, dentures can become loose and lose their shape, which means you may need to get them refitted or replaced. Replacement time can vary but typically they need to be replaced after 5 to 8 years.

It’s important to note that dentures will not be suitable for everyone. You may not be a candidate for dentures if you have insufficient bone support to hold dentures in place or have certain medical conditions that make wearing them impractical. The best way to find out if dentures are a suitable option for you is to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a suitability assessment. If dentures are indeed a viable option for you, your dentist can then take you to the next step of the process.

Denture Fitting Service Waterford

At Christie Dental, we are proud to offer all denture types fitting. The impression and fitting appointments are quick and efficient and we can often have acrylic dentures constructed within 2-3 weeks. We promise to provide you with good quality dentures that will fit you comfortably and look very natural.


***Attention Non-English Speaking Patients***
If you are unable to communicate effectively in the English language, please bring someone with you who can communicate with us on your behalf when attending your dental appointment

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